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We believe that the physical exam is one of the most valuable tools that a veterinarian has to keep your pet healthy. Seeing your pet on a regular basis can help us to know what is normal for your pet and can lead to earlier identification of problems or abnormalities. We personalize our vaccine protocols so that they are appropriate to each individual patient and specific to their lifestyle.


The doctors at Jefferson Veterinary Hospital are adept at managing a wide range of medical issues, including gastrointestinal disease, diabetes, dermatologic disease, kidney failure, and infectious disease. We provide laboratory and radiology services to aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of various disease states. We also have access to specialty consultations including radiology consults and EKG telemedicine to better treat your pet. The advantage of a small, personal practice is that you can see the same doctor and maintain continuity of care, which is extremely important when dealing with complex medical issues.


We offer elective surgeries, such as spays, neuters, and declaws. If your pet should require more advanced soft tissue surgery such as mass removals, abdominal surgery, bladder surgery, or a laceration repair, we can provide them. Our patients are closely monitored and we provide aggressive pain management to promote comfort and healing. Should your pet need orthopedic or specialty surgery, we can refer you to a facility with a boarded veterinary surgeon.


Our doctors understand that an animal’s behavioral health is as important as its physical health. We offer the names of several positive reinforcement trainers in the area to start your puppy of on the right foot. We also help those clients who are struggling with more serious behavior issues such as separation anxiety, noise phobias, aggression, and inappropriate elimination. Such treatments often involve medication as well as behavior modification. We understand that these issues can be challenge for owners, so we try to provide the owners with the needed support to keep the human-animal bond intact.

Euthanasia Services:

Dr. Fassbender and Dr. Breneman understand the struggle that many owners face when trying to decide when to say good-bye to a beloved pet. We are here to provide guidance and help owners to come to terms with this decision. We believe in maintaining a good quality of life for our patients. When their quality of life has declined, we provide euthanasia services to relieve their suffering. We work with a trusted company to offer cremation/burial services as well. We are here to assist you through this difficult process. 


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